Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Product Rec: Jimmy Dean D-Lights Turkey Sausage Croissant

So, I love Breakfast sandwiches...but the calorie/fat value I do not love! So when I heard about the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches that are lower in calories/fat, I thought "Well, that'd sounds nice...but I bet they don't taste very good!" Well, I take back that thought now! At Kroger yesterday I bought their "D-lights: Turkey Sausage Reduced Fat Croissant" (ie, turkey bacon, egg whites, and cheese on a croissant). I tried it today, and it was very yummy! I could barely taste a difference in this and a normal sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich.

The nutritional breakdown is :
290 cals, 12 g fat, 6 g sat fat, 4 g fiber, 17 g Protein... 6 weight watcher's points

So, are they super healthy?? No. But they ARE better (health wise) than a normal breakfast sandwich, and the taste is still there! So, if you want to indulge, but not over-indulge, then these are for you!

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